Welcome to my store where I create unique quality handmade leather bags, clutches, totes, wallets, accessories & shoes based on 100% genuine leather, suedes & other high quality materials.

All of my items have been individually handcrafted with love whereas I use the highest quality of leathers, suedes and hardware.

I am passionate about creating 'out of the box' designs that's different from everyday ordinary fashion yet all my pieces are still stylish, practical and timeless.

I was born in South Africa and moved to Israel at a very young age whereas I immediately gravitated towards art, fashion & design. I already designed by own clothing whereas I stitched all patterns at the age of 10. At 15 I started helping my mother in her workshop whereas I learned how to make patterns for various Israeli bag designers. After several years of learning & working hand in hand with my mother & her designers I decided to start my own collection at the age of 19.

I love playing around with different materials - especially combing leather and fabric because it gives a very interesting finished look by using the leather in optimal places to make a stronger bag while also keeping the retail price fair.

My pieces are very comfortable and user friendly whereas my designs are geared towards today's fashion forward environment. We are all unique so therefore we all need a special piece that will represent us whilst caring for our every day needs.

Every bag is unique, limited quantity and limited materials make every bag or collection different and more personal & special. I am also available to make custom bag designs for you.

I will be adding new designs on a weekly / monthly basis so please feel free to check back regularly to see our latest additions.

My studio is based in the heart of Old Tel-Aviv Yaffo in one of the most historical yet diverse tourist areas in the 'Shuk-Ha-Pishpishiem' area. Please feel free to come visit me here where you will be able to see where the magic happens in person.


Rabi Pinnas Ben Yair Str.8
Tel-Aviv Yaffo